Finding The Best Family Law Solutions For You

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In the midst of serious family matters, you need a compassionate and skilled lawyer who knows how to help you. Many families do not know all their options so I will strive to help you find the best avenues for resolution and protection of your rights. In many cases, I resolve the matter without my clients ever needing to appear in court.

Meeting Your Needs And Your Concerns

I have been assisting Louisiana families for over 20 years with issues such as:

I know it is difficult to focus on the legal aspect of your situation when there is so much on your mind. That is why I aim to keep my clients out of the courtroom and find the most efficient means of securing a positive outcome. I am also happy to answer your questions or discuss any aspect of your case when you meet with me.

Family law issues are personal and so is my practice. As the only attorney at my office, I am the only one who will meet with you. You will have the benefit of one-on-one attention and a legal ally who is very familiar with the details of your situation.

I Am Prepared To Help You

To schedule a free consultation about your case, please contact me online or 504-322-1261 or 877-900-2140.

My office is in New Orleans and I work with families across Louisiana.